Drift Night with Krino Pan

Krino Pan at the track

Most people take advantage of the summer time by getting away from school and work. Why do work when you don't have to right?

Well Krino Pan just isn't your average person. Entering his 4th year at UC Riverside as a Mechanical Engineer, Krino has already jumpstarted his dream career on the race track. He has a deep passion for working with cars, specially those modded for drifting, and motorcycles. He's actually been very inspiring to other brothers in the Fraternity, helping them become more involved in their majors and hobbies.

(above) Krino Pan along side Keanu Reeves and Orlando Bloom at Adam's Speedway last Saturday

Last Saturday was just another day on the track at Adams Motorsport Park but with a bit of positive twist! Krino's knack for automobiles gave him the opportunity to meet Keanu Reeves and Orlando Bloom. They were both there to ride Supermoto with Socal Supermoto. Krino wasn't reluctant the least bit to engage in conversation with both as they had entered his natural working environment. As he spent the day with them on the track he was able to get two know the two actors on a deeper level than the average fan. Turn out Orlando Bloom happens to be an avid motorcycle rider and Keanu Reeves has an even stronger passion for motorcycles as he owns his own motorcycle company. Krino and Reeves even exchanged personal contract information as Reeves saw the passion and knack Krino has for the mechanics behind motorcycles and automobiles. This is just one of many reason why we love having Krino as a bro! Cheers to you on this 4th of July.

Thanks to Ivy Son for her amazing photography skills.
Check out more of her work in her portfolio site...

Gewwwwwdbye Seniors

As the 2014-15 year comes to an end we would like to thank our graduating seniors for everything they have done and wish them luck. Luck mainly because what are they really going to do out in the real world? HAH!

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